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100 Years and Royal Status

2020 is the year we celebrated Peterson and Control Union completing 100 years of being in business and making a difference in the world.

On August 1, 1920 Mr. Peterson started our company as a ‘graanfactor’, a service provider in quality and logistics in grain and feed, and today, 100 years later, quality and logistics are still the key activities within our business.

Honesty, integrity and respect for people, society and our environment have helped us achieve this centennial milestone, which our celebratory slogan ‘Growing together since 1920’ reflects. 

The theme of our centenary celebrations is sustainability, recognising the challenges we all face in relation to climate change, and also our desire to grow together with our customers and other stakeholders.


We chose the tree as a symbol of growth and strength to represent our activities in our 100-year celebrations and embarked on a programme to plant a tree on behalf of each of our employees (link to trees page), as a gift to our communities around the world.

100 years peterson royal

We were honoured and privileged awarded Royal Designation from Dutch Monarch, King Willem-Alexander, to mark us celebrating 100 years of business.

Royal Designation is a distinction that can be granted to companies to symbolise the respect, appreciation and trust towards the recipient. Not every company comes into consideration for Royal Designation and it is not an award that is automatically given to companies who reach 100 years of business.

The history and current activities of Peterson and Control Union, specifically in relation to social, financial, fiscal, managerial and ethical behaviours, were verified as part of the process of awarding Royal Designation.

The award of Royal Designation

The award of Royal Designation

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