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The textile industry has been in the spotlight over the years for issues that highlighted the lack of regulations and set standards within the sector. 

In response to the growing demand for traceability and certified sustainable products, Peterson Projects and Solutions services in the Textile Industry offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to support clients across various sectors, including fashion, plastics, fibres, and more.


Global brands across the textile industry increasingly prioritise sustainability by incorporating certified sustainable products derived from organic, recycled, or sustainable materials into their collections and manufacturing processes.


Peterson Projects and Solutions provides tailored consultancy services to assist clients in meeting sustainability standards and requirements across the textile industry. For instance, we have played a pivotal role in collaborating with various sectors to establish standard requirements, such as the EKO Sustainable Textile Standard developed by the Control Union. This standard represents a significant milestone in addressing sustainability in the broader textile industry.


Partner with Peterson Projects and Solutions to navigate the complexities of sustainability across the textile industry and achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our consultancy services can support your organisation.

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