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Certification in forestry is becoming increasingly important as it ensures forest-based products are sustainable and compliant with regulations. Peterson offers certification consultancy services for the forestry sector, biomass, and timber industries.

At Peterson Projects and Solutions, we specialize in providing essential consultancy services tailored to the forestry and timber industry. Our comprehensive suite of offerings includes capacity building, gap assessment, audit accompaniment, and more, all aimed at addressing the unique challenges faced by our clients.

We collaborate with companies worldwide to ensure sustainable and legally sourced products, providing assurance to customers and stakeholders. Leveraging our extensive expertise and experience in the sector, our team works across five continents, from remote forests to large and small timber-producing sites.

Our forestry and timber experts deliver efficient and professional services customized to your specific needs. Whether you require capacity building to enhance sustainable practices or gap assessments to identify areas for improvement, we're here to support your goals.

Contact Peterson Projects and Solutions today for more details on how our consultancy services can benefit your forestry and timber operations.

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