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Peterson Industries


Our ability to provide excellent services to our clients stems from a deep understanding of sustainability issues, field experience, responsiveness and flexibility, and extensive geographic reach via our global network of offices. We also take time to clearly understand the needs of our clients and ensure that our carefully considered solution is the most appropriate answer to their challenges.

Serving a broad range of customers, from multinationals to SMEs.

Peterson Agriculture

As one of the most important industries in the world, our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the logistics chain makes us second to none within the agriculture industry.

Sewage Filtration


Our company has been actively servicing the bio-based energy business since the first introduction of biomass and biofuels as replacement of fossil fuels.

Peterson - Energy Industry

Energy Industry

Our scope of services allows us to use specialist tools to reliably inspect, test and certify all types of equipment as well as carry out a wide range of inspections and surveys, completed by our expert team.

Peterson - Feed


Peterson provides inspection and certification services to the feed industry to help you meet the highest standards. This include dry, liquid, bulk and bagged products.

Peterson - Fertiliser


As the fertiliser industry grows, so does the demand for inspections and analysis. 

Peterson - Forestry

Monitoring and inspection in forestry is becoming increasingly important as it ensures forest-based products are sustainable and compliant with regulations.

Peterson - Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

We complete certification and testing to standard industry guidelines and use our own Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  during each and every task.

Peterson - Textile

The textile industry has been in the spotlight over the years for issues that highlighted the lack of regulations and set standards within the sector.

Peterson - Water


Our experience and expertise in the field are shown through our membership of the steering committee of the European Water Stewardship (EWS), which we joined in 2010.

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