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4 February 2024: New Updates and Clarifications in the ISCC System

ISCC Update

In this announcement, ISCC is excited to share with us the latest updates and clarifications within the ISCC System. These changes are crucial for ensuring compliance and efficiency in various certification processes. ISCC urge you to disseminate this information among all relevant members of your staff to facilitate seamless adaptation.


1. Adaptations of Chapter 12.2 of the ISCC PLUS System Document for Group Certification Approach for Final Product Refinement (FPR) Activities

The ISCC has recently undergone revisions regarding the group certification approach for Final Product Refinement (FPR) activities under ISCC PLUS, specifically in Chapter 12.2 of the ISCC PLUS System Document. These revisions aim to streamline processes and enhance effectiveness. Here are the key changes:


Revised Requirements:

Added Requirement:

Group members shall now undergo audits on a sample basis, with the sample size determined according to ISCC EU 203 System Document v4.0 requirements. The risk level will be adjusted based on factors such as the involvement of external companies or the complexity of outsourced activities.



  • A sample audit procedure for FPR group members will now be utilized during site audits.

  • Specific outsourcing agreements between the group head and group members are no longer mandatory. Instead, verification of all relevant contracts is required.

  • Only external group members are obligated to provide a 'self-declaration' to the FPR group head.

  • These changes are effective immediately and will be integrated into the next update of the ISCC PLUS System Document, with corresponding updates to the APS system.


2. ISCC EU: Update of the Gap Audit Procedure

Following the ISCC System Update on January 4, 2024, we announced the publication of revised ISCC EU System Documents and the requirement for all ISCC EU audits to adhere to updated European Commission regulations. To facilitate this transition, we have updated the Gap Audit Procedure:


Key Updates:

  • The revised Gap Audit Procedures now accurately reflect the required level of assurance (limited or reasonable) for ISCC EU audits.

  • These procedures also acknowledge the possibility of applying maximum mass balance periods, ensuring flexibility in compliance.

  • Version 4.1 of ISCC EU Documents 103, 201, and 204 provide detailed information on these updates.

The updated Gap Audit Procedures (v1.2) are available on the ISCC website and must be implemented immediately for all ISCC EU audits.


For Certification Bodies and Auditors, word versions of the Gap Audit Procedures are accessible on the ISCC website's CB section (login required). These procedures must be submitted as part of the certificate submission or modification process in the ISCC HUB.


Please note that until further notice, audits under ISCC PLUS will continue to follow the approach outlined in the previous version of the ISCC System Documents (v4.0), maintaining at least a "limited assurance level."


By staying informed and adhering to these updates, we can collectively ensure the integrity and credibility of the ISCC System. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to the ISCC team.

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