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AIPF 2023 Unites Private and Public Sectors in the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Region

AIPF 2023

source: Media Center KTT ke-43 ASEAN/Dhoni Setiawan

AIPF 2023 The ASEAN-Indo Pacific Forum (AIPF) 2023 at the prestigious Hotel Mulia Senayan on September 5th and 6th marked a significant milestone in complementing the ASEAN Summit (KTT ASEAN) 2023 agenda. This event, organised in alignment with the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP) adopted by ASEAN member states in 2019, aimed to fortify an inclusive regional framework, encourage collaborative efforts, strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships, and seize opportunities within the Indo-Pacific region.

The AIPF 2023 addressed three pivotal areas of shared interest:

  • Green Infrastructure and Resilient Supply Chains Discussions centred around developing sustainable infrastructure and supply chains to withstand environmental challenges. The forum highlighted the need for innovative approaches to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of such systems.

  • Digital Transformation and Creative Economy Emphasis was placed on the transformative potential of digital technologies and their impact on fostering a creative economy. The sessions explored avenues for harnessing technology to drive economic growth and innovation.

  • Sustainable and Innovative Financing AIPF participants delved into discussions on financing models that are both sustainable and innovative, recognising the importance of investment strategies that support long-term growth while embracing new, forward-thinking approaches.

Inclusivity and Collaboration

AIPF served as an inclusive platform, bringing together public and private sector leaders from ASEAN member states and partner organisations. This dynamic forum encouraged constructive dialogues, identified tangible project potentials, and promoted collaboration across the Indo-Pacific region.

Eminent Speakers and Participants

Distinguished speakers, including heads of state and leaders from various industries, enriched the forum with their insights and expertise. The event featured panel discussions and talk shows, offering a platform for thought-provoking exchanges. Furthermore, key industry figures and company leaders were instrumental in the exhibition of projects and facilitating business matchmaking sessions, fostering opportunities for meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

Noteworthy Attendees

AIPF extended invitations to influential figures from both the public and private sectors and representatives from international financial institutions (IFIs) and global organisations. Among the notable attendees were luminaries from esteemed institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Economic Forum, ASEAN-Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC), Maybank, Airbus, Aspen Medical, Forest Carbon Microsoft, Business Council Canada, European Investment Bank, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, BP, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, US Trade and Development Agency, Loca Laos, Amazon, and Fairatmos.


The ASEAN-Indo Pacific Forum 2023 is a testament to the commitment of ASEAN member states and their partners towards regional progress and collaboration. AIPF 2023 has set a precedent for inclusive dialogue and cooperative action in the Indo-Pacific region by addressing critical issues and providing a platform for meaningful discussions. The outcomes of this forum are anticipated to contribute significantly to advancing a more resilient, innovative, and sustainable future for all stakeholders involved.


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