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April 6 2024: Happy National Fishermen's Day!

Hari Nelayan Nasional

National Fishermen's Day is celebrated every year as a tribute to the important role of fishermen in ensuring the availability of protein and nutrition for the Indonesian people. This tradition is not only an expression of gratitude for the abundance of the sea, but also a reminder of the importance of promoting the welfare of fishermen.

This tradition passed down from generation to generation has given rise to various rituals, one of which is the Labuh Saji Ceremony which is held at Ratu Sukabumi Harbor, West Java. This ceremony honors Nyi Putri Mayangsagara with the hope that the people will gain prosperity from their work as fishermen. Today, this tradition has changed slightly with the replacement of offerings of buffalo or goat heads with the sowing of fish seeds, shrimp seeds and baby turtles into the sea, as a symbol of fertility and the hope of an abundant catch.

Indonesia, as an archipelagic country with a water line of 81,000 km, has great marine potential. However, the reality of fishermen's lives is not in line with this potential. Problems such as lack of mastery of knowledge, limited capital, and competition with foreign fishermen who catch fish illegally, are challenges faced by fishermen. Not only that, the lack of government support for traditional fishermen is making their conditions even worse.

In the midst of these challenges, marine and fisheries certification such as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), Friend of the Sea, and others, have become important in ensuring the sustainability of marine resources and environmental protection . These certifications set international standards for responsible and sustainable fishing practices.

Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia, as a provider of certification consulting services, plays a role in helping fisheries and marine companies to meet these certification standards. Through comprehensive consultation, the company provides guidance and support to its clients to obtain internationally recognized certification, thereby not only ensuring the sustainability of their business, but also increasing their competitiveness in the global market.

Contact is the entry point for companies who wish to obtain further information regarding certification consulting services provided by Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia. With close collaboration between consulting service providers and industry players, it is hoped that Indonesia's maritime and fisheries sector can continue to develop sustainably, while still paying attention to the welfare of fishermen who are the backbone of this industry.


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