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B20 Indonesia 2022

Being part of the G20 summit, B20 is meant to deliver common views of the international business community. More specifically, its primary purpose is to make recommendations and relevant commitments from business leaders and organizations to address contemporary issues.

The upcoming seventeenth meeting of Group of Twenty (G20) and The Business 20 (B20) was held in Bali, Indonesia and attended by 3.000 people with 2.000 being world business leaders to discuss this year theme of Advancing Innovative, Inclusive, and Collaborative Growth.

The B20 forum asks for equitable access to technical advancements as the globe embraces the era of the digital economy and for inclusive growth that benefits vulnerable groups of the global community. A total of six Task Forces and one Action Council have been established to develop practical policy suggestions on topics deemed urgent on a global scale.

APRIL is currently building a solar panel with a capacity of 20 MW until 2025, the main goal of which is to reduce the use of fossil energy. With this development, APRIL's use of renewable energy is expected to reach 90% while supporting joint efforts to reduce carbon emissions. APRIL also launched a nature-based innovation by launching a 1-for-1 commitment at COP 21 in Paris. APRIL is a producer of fiber, pulp, and paper integrated with industrial forest concessions that are managed in a sustainable manner. APRIL Group itself is known as a company that is active in climate mitigation efforts, especially in supporting the government to achieve a net sink by 2030 from the forestry industry. RER protects and maintains the largest intact peat swamp forest ecosystem in Sumatra, including its biodiversity and carbon potential.

Beside APRIL's effort to reduce the use to fossil energy, Energy, Sustainability and Climate Task Force (TF ESC-B20) has been successful in establishing Southeast Asia's first green industrial park. The industrial park will house manufacturers of high-tech and precise items and will be powered by soon-to-be-operational hydropower and solar power plants. Several nations, including China and the United Arab Emirates, have expressed interest in investing in the green industrial zone. Energy efficiency is one of the vital decarbonization pillars that will help achieve the net-zero emissions goal. Energy efficiency rose globally by around 13 percent between 2000 and 2017, and if it is not hindered, it will increase by another 12 percent. The most recent projections indicate that the yearly average CO2 reduction would have to increase fivefold to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

The event urges business communities to build the foundation for equal and robust access to technological innovations that will unlock the potential of the underserved parts of the population. Shinta Kamdani, Chair of B20 Indonesia, said it would require "the spirit of teamwork" to solve these complex issues.



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