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FoSI 2023: Delving into Policies for Strengthening Palm Oil Competitiveness

FoSI 2023

The Indonesia Palm Oil Forum (Forum Sawit Indonesia/FoSI) 2023, organized by the Palm Science Center (PSC) at Instiper Yogyakarta, has once again taken centre stage in the palm oil industry. Under the theme "Building Competitiveness in Palm Plantations through Synergistic Business Ecosystems," this forum has become a platform for stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the palm oil sector.

Background of the Forum:

Dr. Purwadi, Director of PSC Instiper Yogyakarta, explained that FoSI 2023 is a continuation of FoSI 2022. As an annual forum, FoSI aims to delve into Indonesian palm oil policies. The previous year emphasized the integration from upstream to downstream and the need for synergistic policies to reach 2045. FoSI 2023 takes a deeper dive, focusing on building competitiveness in palm oil plantations through a synergistic business ecosystem.

Summary of IPOF 2023 Activities:

FoSI 2023 encompasses a series of events over two days, starting from the Forum of Palm Plantation Directors (FPPD-2023) on November 22, 2023, to the Forum for Policy Studies on the Business Ecosystem of Palm Plantations (FPSBEP-2023) on November 23-24, 2023. The main agenda of FoSI 2023 is divided into several discussion sessions and collaborative thinking involving various stakeholders.

Challenges and Main Focus:

Dr. Purwadi highlighted some challenges in the palm oil industry, including land legality and certainty, economic and social partnerships, as well as trade issues and EU regulations related to deforestation. FoSI 2023 is committed to further examining these issues and encouraging stakeholders to collaboratively formulate policies that support a competitive palm oil industry.

Support and Positive Responses:

IPOF 2023 received positive feedback from Dr. Harsawardana, the Rector of Instiper, who appreciated the forum for generating crucial ideas to formulate supportive policies for Indonesian palm oil. This support reflects the significance of FoSI as a platform to address crucial issues in the palm oil industry.

Agenda and Thematic Discussions:

FoSI 2023's agenda includes discussions on the policy study forum on the business ecosystem of palm plantations, with sessions involving speakers from various levels, including the Director-General of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, and the Director of the Palm Oil Research Center. Discussion sessions cover policy implementation, trade issues, and challenges at the level of smallholder and large-scale plantations.

Partnerships and Business Ecosystem Synergy:

The challenges of production and productivity at the plantation level are the primary focus of FoSI 2023, with an emphasis on collaboration between production facility industries, plantations (large and small), palm oil mills, local communities, and the government. Collaboration in partnership formats and other forms of cooperation is key to building a synergistic system and improving competitiveness.

Workshop on Business Ecosystem Policy Studies:

FoSI 2023 goes beyond being a mere discussion forum. The workshop on business ecosystem policy studies for palm oil plantations on Thursday, November 23, 2023, is an opportunity to discuss the implementation of current policies and formulate new policy proposals. Various speakers from the government and industry contribute to accelerating and improving policy outcomes.

Hopes and Mission of FoSI 2023:

Through FoSI 2023, it is hoped that the Indonesian palm oil industry can continue to move towards sustainability and high competitiveness in the increasingly complex global market. This forum is a crucial moment to present innovative solutions and build strong collaborations among all stakeholders in the palm oil industry. Thus, Sawit Indonesia 2045 becomes not just a vision but a sustainable reality.


The Indonesia Palm Oil Forum 2023 is not an ordinary annual event. It reflects the commitment of the Indonesian palm oil industry to continue evolving, innovating, and collaborating. FoSI 2023 serves as a platform for stakeholders to collectively find solutions to the challenges faced by the palm oil industry while ensuring sustainability and competitiveness in an ever-evolving global market.


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