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Plantable Brochure

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Plantable brochure is one of our marketing campaign to increase brand awareness for Peterson Projects and Solutions in order to be prospect's and client's top of mind. The idea behind this marketing campaign is that we want to create our journey as memorable as the tree you are planting.

Our brochure contains a very unique seeds called Muntingia Calabura. The presence of trees are really important for our livelihood. The average amount of carbon dioxide that human exhales are around 2.3 pounds a day. This may depend on whether those people are doing heavy exercises or activities. If so, there will be up to eight times as much.

If you think that one tree is nothing, according to USDA, in a year, a tree can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere then be released into oxygen that we breath every seconds.

For those who have our brochure, kindly click button below and fill out the form for us to be able to track your plants.

And the button to find on how many trees planted can be found below. It can be seen the update on how many trees has been planted according to our form that can be scanned by companies that has received our physical brochure.

Steps on how to grow your own plant:

1. Tear out half of the paper. We have printed this brochure with seeds inside. You can keep half of the paper, which is the top side of the paper while soak the bottom part of the paper first.

2. Bury the bottom part inside a soil. It should neither be too deep nor too shallow inside the soil. Bury it enough for it to sprout

3. Don't forget to water the soil to make sure that it is moist. Wait for the plant to sprout and grow. Keep in mind when planting it in a small container as the plant grows bigger, it may need bigger container. Planting it on a plot of land would be great!

We are very open for any companies that would love to join our movement. However, due to the limited resources for our flyers, we would love you to fill out a form to request our brochure. The form will take you less than 5 minutes and your data will only be kept for Peterson Projects & Solutions marketing purposes. Please find the request form below this blog post.

Please note that this initiative will start after our future announcement.

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1 Comment

Nur Hadi
Nur Hadi
Oct 24, 2022

Such a great Idea!

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