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SBP Certification for Woody Biomass

SBP Sustainable Biomass Programme

SBP Scheme Owner:

In the landscape of sustainability and ethical sourcing, the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) stands as a beacon of credibility and accountability. Over the past thirty years, voluntary certification schemes like SBP have gained traction, providing businesses with a tangible means to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. Developed as an independent, voluntary certification scheme, SBP serves as a formal and recognized method for showcasing compliance with established requirements for biomass sustainability. At its core, SBP aims to validate organizations' adherence to industry best practices and regulatory mandates for responsibly sourcing woody feedstock used in biomass production.



Key components of the SBP framework include stringent standards that define specific requirements for organizations seeking certification. These standards, grounded in industry best practices, serve as benchmarks for sustainable biomass production.


Certification Body:

Through a systematic audit process, independent Certification Bodies assess organizations' compliance with SBP standards, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the certification journey.


Accreditation Body:

Certification Bodies adhere to internationally recognized guidelines, including ISO 17065 and ISO 19011, to maintain consistency and impartiality throughout the certification process.


Audit Process:

Independent auditors meticulously evaluate organizations through on-site inspections, document reviews, and interviews during the audit process, ensuring strict adherence to SBP standards.


Independent Auditor:

This comprehensive assessment, conducted with integrity and impartiality, culminates in issuing a certificate affirming the organization's compliance with sustainability requirements.


Certificate Issuance:

Once certified under the SBP scheme, organizations earn the esteemed title of Certificate Holder, signalling their commitment to sustainable practices as Biomass Producers, Traders, or End-users.


Consultation Programs:

To facilitate the certification process and maximize the benefits of sustainable accreditation, organizations can leverage consultation programs offered by industry experts. For instance, Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia provides comprehensive support, from capacity building to gap assessments, guiding companies through the SBP certification process with expertise and precision.



SBP certification is a powerful tool for driving positive change in a world where sustainability is paramount. Embrace SBP certification today and join the ranks of organizations committed to building a greener, more responsible tomorrow.







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