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Sustainable Growth: A Look at PCU Global Tree Planting Project Across Asia

PCU Global Tree Planting Project

In celebration of our 100-year anniversary in 2020, we launched the Tree Planting Project, a sustainable initiative to foster environmental consciousness and contribute to the well-being of local communities across Asia. As we continue this global initiative into the upcoming years under the "PCU Global Tree Planting Project," we aim to plant 100,000 trees by the end of 2024. This report focuses on the milestones achieved in Asia as of December 2023.


Nurturing the Roots of Change In Bangladesh, we embarked on several tree-planting endeavours, totalling 1,287 trees. From Rasulpur in Barhatta to Mazitpur in Pakundia, our projects focused on planting medicinal and fruit trees, supporting the environment and the local communities. Notably, in Mazitpur, we distributed trees among students, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment among the younger generation.


Desert-Locked Ecological Forest In China, our efforts were to create a desert-locked ecological forest in the Hashikha Sumu area of Alashan Left Banner, Inner Mongolia. Partnering with the NGO China Green Foundation, we planted Michelia Alba Trees in a public park in the Huangpu district of Shanghai and 10,000 Hedysarum scoparium trees in Alashan. This initiative contributes to rehabilitating over 148,100 square meters of desertified land and aims to curb desert movement erosion and reduce sandstorms, fostering improved ecological conditions and biodiversity.


Sustaining Communities in Maharashtra Facing the threat of desertification in Sangli district, Maharashtra, India, our project in association with NGO Yerala Projects Societies involved planting 39,150 fruit-bearing saplings. By providing organic manure and saplings to 261 farmers, we aimed to create a sustainable initiative that improves environmental conditions, biodiversity, and supports local communities.

Indonesia and Malaysia

Restoring Mangroves and Native Forests In Indonesia, we planted 1,000 mangrove and tropical forest trees on Biak Island in collaboration with 'Just A Tree.' This initiative contributes to environmental restoration and provides sustainable income for local communities. In Malaysia, we focused on restoring the Jagoi Heritage Forest, planting 1,000 native tree species to revive a degraded forest and landslide areas spanning 1.8 hectares.


Reforesting the Carbon Forest In the Philippines, we actively participated in reforesting initiatives, such as the Dare to Care: Ali-Davao Carbon Forest Restoration. The Philippine Eagle Foundation manages this project in partnership with Ayala Land Inc. This project also aimed to regenerate a forest affected by destructive human activities. The successful growth of over 6,000 trees by the end of 2020 showcased the positive impact of collaborative efforts.

Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Diverse Afforestation Efforts In Singapore, 16 trees of various species were planted, contributing to the city-state's green landscape. In Thailand, 100 trees of Siamese rosewood, Burma padauk, and Mahogany were planted in Prachuap Khiri Khan. In Vietnam, our projects spanned National Forests Nam Cat Tien Park and Dong Nai Province, involving planting 470 Pterocarpus macrocarpus and Hopea odorata trees, along with 500 Dalbergia bariaensis Pierre trees. Continuous monitoring and care are in place to ensure the optimal development of these plants over the next five years.


Our Tree Planting Project across Asia is a testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability and community welfare under the "PCU Global Tree Planting Project." With 56,996 trees planted, including 43 trees in China, we look forward to a greener, healthier future for the region. As we continue this global initiative, we encourage more individuals and organizations to join us in fostering positive change for the planet. This report reflects the latest data available as of December 2023.



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