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Climate Change does exist! How long are you going to ignore it?

Climate Change does exist! How long are you going to ignore it?

Global warming has emerged as one of the most critical environmental issues ever to confront humanity. This concern arises from the fact that our everyday activities may be leading to changes in the earth's atmosphere that have the potential to alter the planet's heat and radiation balance significantly.

According to the IPCC report, global warming will significantly impact Asia, and India is at high risk among Asian countries. About half of habitable land on Earth is used for farming, resulting in the world's single largest source of greenhouse gases and ecosystem destruction.

To reduce global warming and climate change, we must be more nature positive it is a foundation for good governance, long-term stable societies, and healthy economies. It is a philosophy that values our shared future. And it is a new business model based on regeneration, resilience, and recirculation – not destruction and pollution.

What does becoming nature-positive mean? It is a way to describe an essential first step on the path to full nature recovery. Being nature-positive means reversing the current biodiversity declines, so species and ecosystems begin to recover. A nature-positive goal is not some dream to be realized many generations from now: it is a goal for the next decade and is increasingly important.

What does nature positive mean for businesses?

Businesses across every sector can play a pivotal role in helping to address biodiversity loss. However, treading lightly and avoiding loss is no longer sufficient. Biodiversity loss could have a range of impacts, including disruption of supply chains, causing scarcity of materials, and price inflation. Biodiversity loss is also becoming a critical consumer issue. To correct our course, we need to go further and focus on what can be gained. Nature positive is a goal for the next decade and a steppingstone to full nature recovery.


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