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Ensuring Sustainable Biomass: Benefits and Importance of Green Gold Label (GGL) Certification

GGL Green Gold Label

The Green Gold Label (GGL) certification has emerged as a globally recognized standard in ensuring the sustainability of biomass production and usage. Established in 2002, GGL now stands as one of the oldest biomass certification schemes with a robust reputation for certifying, tracking, and tracing sustainable biomass products.

Why is GGL (Green Gold Label) Certification Critical?

GGL certification offers several crucial advantages in the biomass industry. First, it ensures that biomass is sourced and produced in an environmentally responsible manner, supporting biodiversity conservation, land stewardship, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, it provides biomass producers access to broader markets, particularly in the bioenergy and bioproduct sectors, where buyers prioritize sustainability.

Moreover, compliance with national and international regulations is more assured. This helps companies avoid legal risks and potential sanctions related to non-compliance. Additionally, certification under the GGL standard can enhance a company's reputation as a committed environmental steward.

How Does GGL Guarantee Biomass Sustainability?

The GGL program encompasses not only woody biomass but also agricultural residues, waste wood, and bioliquids. Each transaction between GGL-certified companies is accompanied by a transaction certificate, ensuring that every link in the supply chain meets established standards. Audits are conducted annually by accredited independent certification bodies to maintain the credibility and integrity of the certification.

The scheme has also been recognized by the Japanese government, where GGL-certified biomass complies with the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) and FIP (Feed-in Premium) schemes managed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. This indicates a high level of international trust in GGL as an effective tool in promoting sustainable biomass use.

The Future of GGL-Certified Biomass

With over seven million tons of biomass certified over 14 years, GGL continues to support the development of sustainable biomass for energy, power production, and chemicals. Its global acceptance affirms its position as a practical and credible certification scheme, leading the industry into a new era where sustainability is not just a necessity but an obligation.

Ensure Your GGL Certification Preparation!

For companies interested in obtaining Green Gold Label (GGL) certification, it is crucial to ensure that all aspects of your business are compliant with the standards required for certification before applying. To ascertain this readiness, Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia, specializing in certification consultancy, is prepared to guide and assist you through every step towards achieving your certification goals. We understand the importance of this certification for the advancement and credibility of your business. Contact us today through this link to discuss further our GGL consultancy services and how we can help you reach your sustainability objectives.


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