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Indo Intertex 2024: Spearheading Sustainable Innovations and Technological Advancements in Southeast Asia's Textile Landscape


Intertex inatex sustainable textile fashion

The 20th edition of Indo Intertex is an emblem of progress and innovation in Southeast Asia's textile and garment industry. From March 20 to 23, 2024, the Jakarta International Expo buzzes with anticipation as Peraga Expo, in collaboration with the Indonesian Textile Association (API) and allied associations, orchestrates an extravaganza showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and sustainable practices in the textile domain.


A Glimpse into Indo Intertex 2024


Spanning over 35,000 square meters, INDO INTERTEX 2024 hosts a diverse array of over 600 companies hailing from 16 nations. This congregation of industry giants and emerging innovators set the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas, expertise, and collaborations. The exhibition encapsulates various textile facets, including machinery, digital printing, raw materials, digitalisation, chemical applications, dyeing, accessories, and many textile products.


Driving Economic Resilience through the Textile Industry


Dr. Ir. Taufik Bawazier, M.Sc., General Director of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Textile Industry at the Ministry of Industry, underscores the pivotal role of the textile sector in bolstering Indonesia's economic resilience. With the industry contributing a commendable 6.05% to the nation's GDP and boasting a robust export value of USD 6.2 billion in the first three quarters of 2023, the textile domain emerges as a stalwart pillar of Indonesia's economic landscape.


Navigating Sustainability: A Collective Endeavor


At the heart of INDO INTERTEX 2024 lies a genuine commitment to sustainability. Jemmy Kartiwa Sastraatmaja, Chairperson of the Indonesian Textile Association, elucidates the industry's strides towards sustainability through initiatives such as the restructuring program. This program, evaluated positively in 2023, catalyses capacity, productivity, energy efficiency, employment, and sales improvements, fostering a holistic approach towards sustainable industrial practices.


Charting the Course for Sustainable Textiles


INDO INTERTEX is a crucible for transformative ideas and practices in sustainable textile production. Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship, exhibitors such as AGANSA, SIGMA, APR, and Lenzing showcase state-of-the-art technologies tailored to minimise environmental impact. These technologies herald a new era of eco-conscious textile manufacturing, aligning with global sustainability imperatives.


Empowering the Next Generation of Textile Innovators


Beyond the exhibition floor, INDO INTERTEX pioneers educational initiatives to nurture budding talent and foster industry-relevant skills. Collaborative programs with educational institutions and industry stakeholders provide students with hands-on experiences, exposing them to the latest advancements in textile technology and sustainable practices. Workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions imbue participants with insights and expertise crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of textile innovation.


Fostering Collaborative Endeavors


INDO INTERTEX transcends conventional boundaries, fostering synergistic collaborations between industry players, academia, and governmental bodies. Through strategic alliances and knowledge-sharing platforms, the exhibition catalyses collective action towards addressing pressing challenges and harnessing opportunities for growth and innovation.


Looking Ahead: Peterson Indonesia's Commitment to Sustainable Textile Practices

peterson indonesia sustainable textile intertex inatex

As INDO INTERTEX 2024 unfolds, Peterson Indonesia stands poised to contribute to the discourse on sustainable textile practices. Leveraging its extensive experience in sustainable textile consultation, Peterson Indonesia is primed to offer invaluable insights and expertise in navigating the intricacies of sustainable textile standards. With a track record encompassing GRS, GOTS, OCS, RCS, RDS, RWS, CCS, RecyClass, and more, Peterson Indonesia is dedicated to fostering sustainable textile practices and driving industry-wide transformation. Contact us now for further discussion on achieving sustainable textiles!



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