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IPA Convex 2024: A Pivotal Event for Energy Resilience

IPA Convex 2024

IPA Convex 2024

The 48th IPA Convention and Exhibition (IPA Convex 2024), held at ICE BSD in Tangerang, is not merely an annual event but a significant convergence point for the oil and gas industry. With global energy demands escalating, the industry faces a critical challenge to bolster exploration and production to ensure a reliable energy supply. This convention highlighted the intensified efforts required to fortify national energy resilience.

Government Initiatives: Auctions and Attractive Incentives

Minister Arifin Tasrif provided a comprehensive update on the government's strategy to attract investments into the oil and gas sector. He announced the auction of five strategic oil and gas blocks, coupled with appealing incentives to stimulate business investments. These incentives include advantageous tax facilities and appealing terms and conditions aimed at enhancing the sector's economic attractiveness.

Regulatory Enhancements and Shifts Towards Renewable Energy

Minister Tasrif elaborated on the nearing completion of crucial revisions to Government Regulations No. 27 and 53 of 2017, aimed at fine-tuning the regulatory framework better to accommodate the economic aspects of oil and gas projects. Furthermore, he addressed the global shift towards sustainable energy sources, underscoring the necessity for the oil and gas industry to adapt to these emerging trends. This adaptation is crucial for Indonesia to meet its Net Zero Emission goals through viable energy solutions such as natural gas.

Emphasising Clean Energy Through CCS/CCUS Initiatives

In line with global clean energy trends, the Indonesian government has launched initiatives to implement Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilisation (CCS/CCUS) technologies. These projects, currently numbering 15, are exploring the potential to store up to 500 gigatons of CO2. This initiative reflects a significant step towards reducing carbon footprints and enhancing environmental sustainability.

Transition to Sustainable Practices: Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia

With the same commitment to fostering a sustainable future, Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia is poised to guide businesses through the complexities of achieving sustainability certifications. Specialising in the preparation of comprehensive documentation, audit accompaniment, and detailed consultancy services, we ensure businesses comply with stringent sustainability standards. Our expertise extends to managing certifications like the ISO 14001 for environmental management systems, which is crucial for sustainable oil and gas operations. For more information on how we can support your business in this transition, please email us at or visit our website and click here for contacting us.


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