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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a robust technique employed to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the environmental footprint associated with all stages of a product or service. At Peterson Projects and Solutions Indonesia, we provide LCA service to measure the environmental impact of production processes. This comprehensive framework considers every facet of a product's life cycle, including raw material extraction, processing, production, and waste generated during and after product use.

Assessmet Phase


To conduct a thorough LCA analysis, we adhere to the ISO standards outlined in SNI ISO 14040:2016 and SNI ISO 14044:2016 for environmental management. These standards provide a structured approach, as illustrated in the graphic below.







Benefits of LCA

Our LCA services offer a myriad of benefits to organisations seeking sustainability solutions:

  • Identification of Environmental Impact: Uncover the environmental impact of both product and process chains.

  • Comprehensive Insight: Go beyond the product "use" phase to quantify effects globally, regionally, and locally

  • Strategic Optimization: Recognize inefficiencies and pivotal changes in life cycle phases.

  • Benchmarking: Facilitate apple-to-apple comparisons internally, regionally, and globally.

  • Risk Mitigation: Determine strategic risks and opportunities for environmental optimization early.

  • Regulatory Preparedness: Stay future-ready by helping organizations prepare for stringent environmental regulations.

  • Emissions Hotspot Identification: Pinpoint areas contributing significantly to emissions.

  • Cost and Impact Reduction: Strategically reduce overall environmental impact and costs.

  • Enhanced Communication: Improve stakeholder communication through certifications and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

  • Life Cycle Thinking Integration: Foster and integrate understanding of Life Cycle Thinking into day-to-day business operations.

Assessment Phase

Our meticulous LCA process includes the following stages:

Mass and Energy Flow Optimisation

Post LCA analysis, detailed information on mass and energy flow for each process unit becomes available. This insight allows targeted optimisations to enhance cost savings and overall company performance. This represents a distinct advantage of LCA over other environmental assessment methods like PROPER (In Indonesia).

For example, LCA can calculate the environmental impact of a company's flagship product, such as its contribution to global warming. Recommendations for optimising its environmental impact, like introducing new designs to specific process units, are crucial for enhancing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and eco-labels. This positions the company competitively in the global market.

LCA and Other Relevant Clients




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LCA stages.png

Define processes, environmental impacts, boundaries, and products for evaluation.

Goal and Scope Definition

Collect data using our Excel sheets.

Life Cycle Inventory Analysis

Review data for consistency and completeness, then consolidate and calculate.

Life Cycle Impact Assessment

On-site verification for data consistency and completeness.

Data Verification

Detailed technical report explaining findings.

Interpretation and Reporting

Summary report and a one-pager with visually impactful details.

Report Design and Infographics

LCA Clients.png
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Mass and Energy Flow Optimisation
LCA Client
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