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Peterson offers a wide range of different solutions to support customers in their corporate sustainability programmes.


Some of the projects we have already supported include:

  • Assisting a company in making the agricultural section of its supply chain become more sustainable. We measured the carbon footprint and advised on how to reduce GHG emissions. Reduction of carbon emissions also resulted in economic benefits.

  • We developed a supply chain management tool to balance security of supply, sustainability and quality management for another stock listed company. By harmonising the different processes within the company we contributed to making corporate procurement more efficient and robust.

  • We designed a protocol to verify the sustainability claim related to woody biomass for Dutch authorities.

  • We assisted a standard's owner in making his standard compliant with the requirements of the EU's Renewable Energy Directive (RED). Compliance under the RED is important for trading specific products within the EU.

  • We have helped companies and financial institutions with their due diligence processes, ranging from social and ethical compliance and yield determination in the agricultural sector to confirming input/output ratios in agricultural processing.

  • We adopted an existing IT-based certification process to fit a customer's need for handling large numbers of transaction certificates. This process improvement lead to a significant time-saving. 

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