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Peterson offers a number of services to support you creating a sustainability report, also referred to as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report or Impact Report. It provides information about the economic and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance of a company. In Indonesia, CSR is a mandatory enforcement by government, according to Law No. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies (PT), Article 1 (3), limited companies are required to fulfill social and environmental responsibilities. This includes the company's commitment (CSR) to participating in sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and create a beneficial environment. 

How PPS helps your company?

A sustainability report showcases the values and governance model of an organization. It highlights the connection between the company's strategy and its dedication to promoting a sustainable global economy through its Economic and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. ESG provides a framework for assessing how a company manages risks and opportunities arising from both market and non-market conditions.

Having a sustainability report offers several advantages. Firstly, it serves as a valuable tool for attracting and retaining highly skilled employees, as it is considered a prerequisite in today's competitive job market. Additionally, a sustainability report enhances investor relations and facilitates stock exchange listings, instilling confidence in potential investors. Moreover, it demonstrates a company's commitment to addressing climate change and aligning its initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showcasing its responsible and forward-thinking approach.

Here are the internal and external benefits in having a sustainability report:

   1.  Internal

        - Increased understanding of risks and opportunities,

        - Improved engagement at the board level for better internal decision-making,

        - Enhanced stakeholder communication.

   2.  External

        - Improving reputation and brand loyalty among customers.

        - Building confidence in disclosures through increased transparency and credibility.

        - Standing out in the eyes of investors, rating agencies, and analysts, leading to stronger investment and

           rating decisions.

        - Increased access to capital, such as green funds.

At Peterson, we offer impactful services and deliverables, utilizing our value chain and

industry expertise to provide comprehensive support. We are capable of guiding you

throughout the entire life cycle of your ESG strategy, incorporating non-financial

metrics to enhance your approach.

How PPS helps your company?

     Developing (or improving) the sustainability strategy of your company

     Establishing (or improving) stakeholders dialogue to give a better understanding of what is important to them

     Identifying material topics and the scope of the report in consultation with your stakeholders

     Defining metrics and establishing a process of gathering data for designing the sustainability report

     Producing the sustainability report for your company


Peterson Services:

     Annual sustainability report (GRI), TCFD, SASB, IFRS

     ESG Diagnostic

     Sustainability policy

     Sustainability strategy

     Impact report (specific initiatives, programs, sector)

     E-learning training 

     In-house training (ESG for your industry; ESG engagement, etc.)

     Reporting software service → KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management

     GAP assessment for GRI Report

     Value Chain ESG reporting

PPS Approach (Phase: understanding; making choice; execution; feedback and reporting)

   Option 1:



 Option 2:


There are some framework of sustainability reporting, to find the right chemistry for sustainability reporting, click here!

Are you interested in our support on sustainability reporting? Contact us now!


Introductory meeting and identification of existing sustainability strategy

1 day

Stakeholder engagement and Materiality Analysis

1-2 months

Identification of KPIs and establishing internal data collection system

1 month

Performing Peterson data collection cycle

2-3 months

Designing the Sustainability Report

1-2 months

   • Internal documents review

   • Benchmarking

   • List of material topics

   • Stakeholders’ engagement


approximately  2-4 months

   • Report structure definition

   • Data collection system/methodology


   • Data collection from each department

Data Collection

approximately 2-4 months

+ Report writing and layout project

Data Analysis

approximately 2-4 months

Peterson Services
PPS Approach
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