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Pest Control

The confidence to offer Pest Control services, a critical issue in every step of the supply chain, is based on our extensive knowledge about quality assurance, project risk management and hazard control. This knowledge is bundled under the Pest Control brand name and offered to our customers worldwide. 


We believe that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) should be the baseline approach for any company working within and around commodity supply chains, and especially when dealing with food and feed safety. Our IPM programs identify potential pest control issues, as well as solve any issues already in existence. Our approach is based on realistic, preventative and curative implementations that achieve effective pest control in every environmental situation. 


Risk control measures are fundamental for modern and well-organised companies and can vary greatly per situation. We can design and implement prevention and early detection systems, while we can treat specific installations and commodities with heat and/or controlled atmosphere treatments and, more traditionally, PH3 - Phosphine. Peterson Pest Control is leading in live monitoring of all the aforementioned treatment techniques

 Our global team of highly professional pest control technicians is dedicated to giving you the service laid out in our policy; to be a well-established, high-quality, independent and reliable pest control service provider focused on quality assurance, project risk management and hazard control.

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